The typical non-elderly family with Medicaid coverage spends $1,250 per year (3% of their $39,263 income) on health.

Direct Spending on Healthcare

The typical non-elderly family with Medicaid coverage spends $1,250 per year (3% of their $39, 263 income) on health. This includes $300 (1% of their income) in out-of-pocket health spending, $0 (0% of their income) in health insurance premiums, and approximately $950 (2% of their income) in state and federal taxes that fund health programs.

Note: The average family of four with Medicaid coverage has a $34,404 income, but accounting for negative federal tax liability, this family’s income would be approximately $39,263.

Additional Contributions by Employers

In this scenario, we estimate that the employer is contributing an additional $500 in Medicare payroll taxes, not shown in the chart above. When combined, this family’s spending on health care and the money spent by their employer on their behalf totals $1,750.

The Peterson Center on Healthcare and KFF are partnering to monitor how well the U.S. healthcare system is performing in terms of quality and cost.

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